Newport Pembrokeshire Castle.

A Norman Castle sitting on Carningli's Northern slopes.

Built at sometime near to 1250, Newport Pembs Castle sits in a commanding position overlooking the Town. The castle is currently in private ownership and is not open to the public, although views of the castle can be captured from various streets near the town centre and also from the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path on the north side of The River Nevern.

View of the castle from the west

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Most of the castle is in a state of ruin and what remains of the original Medieval gatehouse is now housing a private residence. The castle was surrounded by a large ditch of which some remains can still be seen.

Parts of the west tower known as the Hunter's Hall still stand and can also be viewed from the Town below. The tower was built in a D shape plan which can be observed from the small lane (Feidr Felin or Mill Lane in English) which runs parallel to the north facing side of the Castle. Also visible from Feidr Felin are parts of the curtain wall that would have enclosed the castle in times of old.

An 1830's etching of Newport Castle The castle as depicted in an 1830's etching. A 1740's etching of Newport Castle The castle as depicted in a 1740's etching, showing the bay beyond.

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