Carreg Coetan Arthur, Newport Pembrokeshire

Small cromlech/dolmen situated in the town of Newport.

Dating from some 5000 years ago it consists of four upright stones which appear to support the cap stone. Only two of the uprights actually support the cap stone. There is no present apparent physical evidence of it ever having been a buried cairn/tomb.

Carreg Coetan Arthur from the South

Excavations during the late 60's / early 70's have probably done more harm than good and a plan to move the stones to the Museum of Wales were thankfully scrapped during the 1980's.

Carreg Coetan Arthur from the North

In comparison to many other neolithic sites in the area, Carreg Coetan Arthur is set in a much more tranquil and mellow setting, sitting amongst rolling fields along side the Nevern Estuary.

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Another neolithic site nearby can be found at Cerrig Y Gof - between Newport and Dinas.

Carreg Coetan Arthur Amenities:


On foot (half a mile or thereabouts), from Newport Car Park.
Head on to Long Street and turn right uphill to the cross roads (Post Office on your right), turn left and keep going until you see a sign for 'Feidr Pen-Y-Bont' (just past the Golden Lion Pub and Llys Meddyg Restaurant) - turn left here down the hill. After some 500m or so you will see a series of bungalows on your left (opposite the entrance to Newport Business Park), take the entrance on your left and follow the road for some 50m or so - on the right you will see a small gate and beyond the gate in the enclosure is Carreg Coetan Arthur.

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