Wishing Well, Newport Pembrokeshire

Situated on Carningli Mountain

Legend tells that the wishing well on Carningli Mountain is linked to the tides of the Nevern River visible to the north. The hollowed out cups beneath the capstone are said to fill and empty with the tide flow on the Nevern River.

Location of the Wishing Well on Carningli Mountain

The well is situated on Carningli's northern slopes at a rocky outcrop known as Carn Cwn (Cairn of Dogs in English), which is visible from various locations in Town.

Two small pools inside the well

The well itself is hidden under a great rock slab and some investigation may be necessary to actually find the well, especially during the summer when the bracken has grown tall and enveloped the surrounding landscape.

Photo showing the view from above the wishing well

Fine views over Newport and the surrounding countryside can be observed from the well and even better views from above the well as you head towards the summit of Carningli.

Accommodation near The Wishing Well:


The well can only be reached by foot or mountain bike.
From Newport Square head south up Market St (towards Newport Castle) at the T-junction turn left and follow this road passing St Mary's Church and on to College Square. Turn right on to a small lane which becomes steeper as you climb. Follow the lane around to the right at the junction and keep heading upwards. At the T-junction turn left and follow the footpath around to the right, you will arrive at a gate. Go through the gate and you are now on Carningli Common. Head south (upwards) and follow a path that runs to the left along a stone wall. Keep going along this path and you will pass between a wall to your left and another to your right. Keep going as straight as the path allows once you have passed these walls and you will see a rocky outcrop in front of you. The well is positioned at the base of this rocky outcrop.