Cerrig Y Gof, near Newport Pembs

Bronze Age burial tomb

Hidden in a field some mile and a half west along the A487 from Newport towards Fishguard is Cerrig Y Gof. The tomb lies just inside a gate a few meters from the road.

Cerig Y Gof Bronze age tomb from the air

The site is on private land but can be viewed from the gate. Consisting of five cists (small oval burial chambers) made from stone it is one of north Pembrokeshire's lesser known ancient monuments.

Link to Old Maps of Newport Cerig Y Gof Bronze age tomb looking towards Dinas Island

The main five cists are laid out in a semi circular pattern with each cist facing a different direction. One of the outer lying stones has a possible cup mark carved in to it.
Various finds have been recorded from the site including black sea pebbles, pottery and some particles of bone.

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From Newport, head west along the A487. After approximately 1.5 miles you will go down a dip. At the base of the dip there is a gate on your right. Cerrig Y Gof is in the field behind this gate.

Please note: The site is off a very busy main road with a 60mph speed limit. There is no imediate parking - parking can be found on the verge side off the main road towards Newport on the left at the top of the small hill.

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