At the beginning of the 20th Century, Newport had 24 public houses. An early reference (1790’s) to a pub in Newport mentions the Green Dragon in East Street. By 1830 the Green Dragon had been renamed to the Golden Lion.

In Market Street there were 2 pubs, the last of these closed it’s doors around 1920.

At Parrog there were 4 licensed premises, and with the Mariners at Bettws there were 5 to choose from. Many other properties at Parrog and along the Quay Wall would have been rum houses, only opening when ships were docked on the beach.

Newport these days houses just 4 of the original pubs that once stradled the whole of the Town. There is also the Boat Club at the Parrog which is situated in one of the old warehouses built when Newport was a busy port.

We’ve put a list together of as many of the old pubs in and around Newport and their modern counterparts as we can find. Included are a few in Dinas Cross and Cilgwyn.

In Newport

At Parrog

Outlying Pubs

Some references taken from ‘The Ancient Borough of Newport in Pembrokeshire’ by Dillwyn Miles. Others from memory and scouring old maps.

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