Llech y Drybedd at Moylegrove, near Newport Pembrokeshire

Small cromlech/dolmen situated in a field with spectacular views of the Preseli Hills.

Standing in a field west of Moylegrove is Llech y Drybedd Cromlech. Ledgend has it that the capstone was thrown by a giant from Carningli Mountain to it's current resting spot.

Llech y Drybedd with Carningli Mountain behind

The location of this Cromlech is spectacular with views of the Preseli Hills and Carningli Mountain making this a very special place indeed.

Following the contours of Carningli Mountain

From a certain angle, the capstone certainly does appear to mimick the outline of Carningli Mountain, but the capstone shows no signs of having been crafted in any way or form - so possibly just a coincidence.

Llech y Drybedd with an amazing sky behind

How long this ancient site will remain standing will depend on the elements, the capstone has a sizable crack pretty much through it's entirity now, and also one of the uprights has split completely through.

Llech y Drybedd Amenities:

  • No Car Park - park in a sensible place on the narrow road or park in Moylegrove and walk, do not drive up the private farm track.

Accommodation near Llech y Drybedd:

Head on the coastal road to Moylegrove from Newport, when you start coming down hill after appoximately 4 miles, you will see a concreted private farm track on your right. This is the track that leads to Llech y Drybedd. It has a very small sign that mentions Cromlech. Follow this track on foot until it forks into two grassy tracks. Take the left track, and after a short distance you will see a style on your right. Over the style and in to the field - Llech y Drybedd will be right in front of you.


Map showing location of Llech y Drybedd, near Newport Pembrokeshire.
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