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Latest News on "Canolfan Croeso Welcome Centre"

Set to open Saturday, June 8 2019

The official opening will be on the 8/6/2019, please go along to show your support.

Visitor Centre Volunteers - meet up and enjoy coffee and cakes!

Volunteer poster

2-5pm on Thursday 28th February 2019.

Canolfan Croeso Welcome Centre - update (November 26th, 2018)

The building has now officially been handed over to Newport Council and the building work has started. Once it is completed it will be ready for the Library to move in. The Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant has been agreed and now we have to try and keep within the budget!

Its time to get everyone together who wants to get involved volunteering in the new visitor centre. Many people in response to our survey said they would like to volunteer, so come and meet up in our first get together on -:
10th December at 11am in Cnapan. .. (There will be tea, coffee and cakes)

Even if you didn't express an interest you can still volunteer.

Don't worry if you can only give a little time and it's great if you want to be more involved. We need a strong team to make this Visitor Centre a success.

This project is very important for Newport and you can play a part in making it happen.

Jano Williams (Cllr)
Please share this with as many people as you can. Thank you.

"Canolfan Croeso Welcome Centre" - an update (Oct 19th, 2018)

When Pembrokeshire National Parks decided to sell Newport Visitor Centre, Newport Town Council responded by submitting a comprehensive application for a Community Asset Transfer. As a result NTC in April this year succeeded in getting an offer from PCNPA to lease the building for 30 years at £1 per year rent. This was fantastic news, but just the beginning!

Next we had to agree the terms of the lease between NTC and PCNPA. As many of you understand, this involves extensive negotiation on the details of terms and conditions in the agreement. All eventualities have to be covered. Thanks to a lot of hard work on both sides and the helpfulness of PCNPA we are finally arriving at the stage where we shall be able to sign on the dotted line.

Once that's done we need to remove an internal wall to fit in the Library and the Visitor Centre. For this we needed to draw up detailed internal layout plans, get a structural engineer report, permission from National Parks, prepare a brief for competitive tenders from builders, and then choose the best bid.

We shall be starting that work as soon as the handover happens. We shall also be putting up units and shelves and decorating ready for the Library and Visitor Centre. In the middle of all this we suddenly realised that the Public Service Broadband system would be removed by PCNPA and then, in order for the PCC to link to the Library in its new premises, it would need to be reinstalled at great cost and importantly delay. Thankfully both authorities have agreed that the system will be left in place and the transfer process is ongoing.

Simultaneously Newport Town Council applied for an Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant to cover some of the costs of this process. Getting together all the documentation and information requested took weeks to complete. We hope to hear whether we have succeeded fairly soon. Until then nothing can start.

At the moment we are negotiating the terms of a sublease (drafted by our solicitor) between NTC and the Library group as our tenants in the building. This will then need to be submitted to PCNPA for its approval. We would like to see the Library moving in by the end of November.

Once the Library has been installed, the next stage will be to bring together the volunteers who want to be part of the exciting project of making our own Newport visitor centre.

It has been a very intense process which has entailed a lot of persistence and hard work. Newport Town Council is determined to make Canolfan Croeso Welcome Centre a centre that Newport can be proud of. Thanks to all of you who have expressed support.

Thank you
Jano Williams (Cllr) Email: Jano for more info...