Ancient Carved Faces

or just a trick of the light?

As in the main Carningli Mountain article, there are many myths and legends associated with Carningli Mountain. Of Angels and Sleeping Giants and now (possibly) of ancient carved faces in the rocky outcrops.

These images were taken one evening whilst on a sunset photo outing at a location which will (for now) remain unnamed on Carningli Mountain.

Having spent an hour or two wandering around on the slopes, I settled in one of my favourite spots to watch and capture the sun setting over Newport Bay.
Many shots of the sun setting into the Irish sea later, I stumbled upon the following:

Carved Face in the Rocks

Two faces in the rocks

A trick angle I hear you say, the image above quite easily conjures up visions of two faces carved roughly in the rocks - the bottom left even having eye brows made of a small clump of grass - these were my initial thoughts on seeing the photos, but having taken the third photo below, which to me looks like a carving that someone has taken a great deal of time to create, made me think twice about this odd cluster in the rocks.

This photo not only shows a third face in the rocks, but this face also points directly at Llech y Drybedd - an ancient burial cromlech on a hill above Moylegrove to the north east.

This got me thinking, if one points to an ancient land mark, then do the others? I have since revisited the site armed with map and compass and can confirm that the other two faces do point at ancient landmarks in the vicinity, but I shall also be keeping those a secret for now.

One more photo to whet the appetite - this one in the same cluster, two faces, one above the other looking north east to yet another well marked historical site.

Two Faces

NB* - The above photo's are as were taken, no photoshop and no studio trickery. For a sense of scale - all photo's show carvings that are 3ft or higher in size.

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